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Bornbrite Collection Set

$ 28.99

The Bornbrite Collection Set includes the following books:

Book 1 - Hello Baby (Feel love in every heart beat)

Book 2 - We Can See You Now (Discover what your body can do)

Book 3 - Count Those Fingers and Toes (Learn 1,2,3's on your hands and feet)

Book 4 - Your Amazing Adventure With teeth (Make the most of all 5 food groups)

Book 5 - Move ‘cause you're alive! (Ready, set...excercise!)

Book 6 - Mommy's voice. (Play with sounds, letters and words!)

Book 7 - Sense-ational. (Experience through your senses)

Book 8 - Rhyme for your mind. (Tease your brain with colorful shapes)

Book 9 - Welcome to the world. (Explore countries and cultures around you!)